The history of NL & B Construction began with Nicholas Lofgren in his hometown of Superior, Wisconsin. Growing up, Nicholas was a hard worker with a vision to someday run his own construction business… he participated in his first projects at the age of sixteen. 

After finishing high school at Maranatha Academy, he attended Lake Superior College in the neighboring city of Duluth, Minnesota, majoring in Construction Management. He was a diligent and driven student, and worked on construction projects with other contractors during his studies. He graduated near the top of his class in 2008, and immediately put his knowledge to good use, working part-time with LaPorte’s General Contracting in Superior.

In 2012, Nicholas and his wife, Bridgette, moved to the small town of Centuria, Wisconsin, and incorporated his business, NL & B Construction as an LLC. He is now doing work around the Centuria area, as well as other locations in Wisconsin.

Nicholas Lofgren | NL&B Construction


Owner & Operator

Nicholas is the owner of NL & B Construction. He is a hardworking, detail-oriented guy, and he believes in doing projects right. He is the driving force behind the company; he coordinates the jobs, selects and picks up the materials, does the work, and everything else in between. He is knowledgeable and well-rounded in the different aspects of construction, and is always open to learning more. Nicholas is confident, yet easy to talk to; he is someone you can feel comfortable calling with questions. He will work with you so that your job is done efficiently, with the best quality, and the way you want it.

Bridgette Lofgren


Secretary & Office Manager

Bridgette is the secretary for NL & B Construction. She is a positive, dedicated individual who enjoys making a customer’s day better. She does the bookkeeping and paperwork, helps with cleanup and miscellaneous tasks on the job sites, and provides general support for the company. She strives to make construction services available to customers in a way that is both professional and personal.