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Replacement of an Old Tile Floor

Removal of Old Floor Tile

Removing floor tile can take a great deal of time and include underlying challenges not apparent until you begin taking things apart. The tile may be attached to a variety of bases, such as bare cement, plywood, or mason board, or a pre-existing flooring surface. Removal of the old tile must be done carefully to prepare the surface for installation of new flooring materials.

Remove Obstacles

Empty the room of all fixtures that might impede the demolition of the old floor or the installation of the new flooring. Examples would be vanities, toilets, tubs, or sinks, which may get in the way. Don’t forget to turn off the water supply before removing a shower head, a toilet, or a sink.  When moving a toilet, remember to drain water out of the tank, then take out the bolts and rock the toilet back and forth to break wax ring.

Choose a Place to Start

A convenient spot to begin pulling up old tile may be the space created by removal of a bathroom fixture. If no natural space has been created, it may be necessary to Read more